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Largest places in New Caledonia

The largest cities and places in New Caledonia at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in New Caledonia.

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Largest places in New Caledonia
Noumea Nouméa1.South Province South Province93,060
Mont-Dore Mont-Dore2.South Province South Province24,680
Dumbea Dumbéa3.South Province South Province19,346
Paita Païta4.South Province South Province12,617
We 5.Loyalty Islands Loyalty Islands10,375
Tadine Tadine6.Loyalty Islands Loyalty Islands7,492
Poindimie Poindimié7.North Province North Province4,885
Bourail Bourail8.South Province South Province4,826
Kone Koné9.North Province North Province4,572
Houailou Houaïlou10.North Province North Province4,562
Fayaoue Fayaoué11.Loyalty Islands Loyalty Islands4,411
Canala Canala12.North Province North Province3,538
Koumac Koumac13.North Province North Province3,060
La Foa La Foa14.South Province South Province2,947
Thio Thio15.South Province South Province2,748
Ponerihouen Ponérihouen16.North Province North Province2,739
Hienghene Hienghène17.North Province North Province2,668
Poya Poya18.North Province North Province2,617
Pouebo Pouébo19.North Province North Province2,391
Touho Touho20.North Province North Province2,283
Voh Voh21.North Province North Province2,272
Bouloupari Bouloupari22.South Province South Province2,146
Ouegoa Ouégoa23.North Province North Province2,127
Kaala-Gomen Kaala-Gomén24.North Province North Province1,897
Yate-Barrage Yaté-Barrage25. 1,871
Vao Vao26. 1,862
Pouembout Pouembout27.North Province North Province1,511
Poum Poum28.North Province North Province1,405
Wala Wala29.North Province North Province890
Sarramea Sarraméa30.South Province South Province623
Moindou Moindou31.South Province South Province609
Farino Farino32.South Province South Province480

1 - 32 of 32 places

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